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My name is Cristen Rodgers and  this site is devoted to my lifelong love affair with words and my passion for spiritual exploration.  I invite you to journey with me as I chase my heart through the realms of the sensed but unseen and I use the written word to paint the mystery, magic, beauty, and passion that I find along the way. If you would like to know a little more about this site, click the link below.


Though named for its spiritual content, this site isn’t only for those who ‘wear the label’ of spirituality. It’s for everyone who lives and loves, who sometimes hurts, heals, hopes, and feels. Journeys in Spirit is really just another way of saying journeys in humanity because what is human is also unavoidably spiritual. So this site isn’t just about energies and auras, chakras, meditation, and prayer. It’s about the reasons behind them; it’s about desire and seeking, about finding and losing, and about rediscovery and renewal. It’s about the ways that we love, the reasons we hurt, the things we fear, and the light that still shines within us through it all. This site is meant to prick that chord of understanding that runs through us all so that its subtle vibration can remind us that we’re all part of the same big story – it’s intent is to make us look up from our own individual steps long enough to see the exquisite beauty of the greater synchronized dance, and perhaps to dance with a little more energy and to light a few more sparks beneath our feet because of that awareness. It is my hope that the things I write and share here will help you remember that, although we all have moments when we waver and whimper as often as when we win, that we are all waves rising up from the same endless ocean, all brothers and sisters of the same great sea, and so we are never alone – that if we look down deep enough, we will find that we all flow together through it all, that we are understood, we are valued, we are heard, felt, and we are known as the glorious glimmers of greatness that we truly are.

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Excerpt from the upcoming book Beautiful

“To recognize the true beauty of something is a courageous act, because it means stripping down the protective barriers that we have built around our hearts and opening ourselves up to feel what’s in front of us rather than just seeing the mask it wears.  This is what it means to look through the eyes of the spirit, to see reality as it truly is behind the filter of physical form.

The more that we develop this spiritual sight, the more that we will start to see depth in what once seemed shallow and beauty in what before seemed mundane.  We find that beauty isn’t just waiting for us in the gentle folds of a rose petal, the exquisite colors of a masterpiece painting, or the face of a loved one; we discover that beauty is hidden everywhere and tucked inside of literally everything.  In every raindrop, in each smile on the street, hidden inside of mountain ranges and pebbles, stars and twinkling eyes alike; there is a spark of life that is so heavenly, so exquisite, that the way we think of beauty is changed forever.”

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“The courageous spirit is like a flower in springtime, slowly opening up her tightly closed petals to reveal the very essence of creation hidden inside. She strips away layer after protective layer until her true nature is fully exposed, dropping every mask, shedding every lie, and releasing every judgment until she finally uncovers a spark of the divine flame flickering within her.

She lets down her guard and opens herself up, allowing all to see the stunning colors of her singular soul – and she does this knowing that her unique beauty comes not from being who she once thought she should, but from revealing the truth of who she already is. By embracing her vulnerability, she frees herself to give and receive love, opening up an inner spring of joy, igniting the fires of her personal passion, and awakening a new kind of strength that defies traditional understanding.” ~Cristen