Goddess Rebellion

I am a living rebellion. My very existence is a protest. My truth and my life is a provocation, a challenge to these lies that we’re all being fed. I refuse to allow these deceptions to define me. They cannot, for I denounce them with every breath I take. I mock them with every step … Continue reading Goddess Rebellion

We the Dreamers

We are the dreamers, the ones with souls as deep as oceans and with the reflections of stars in our upturned eyes. We’re the wistful, the hopeful, and the quiet ones, gazing off in the distance with that absent but knowing smile. With our heads in the clouds and our hearts on our sleeves, we … Continue reading We the Dreamers

My Kind of Spirituality

My kind of spirituality is the kind that needs no name. It respects no rules and fits no form. It’s as unique as an evening star, and fluid as the morning mists. My kind of spirituality doesn’t come from the pages of a book, but rises up from the depths of my soul. My sacred … Continue reading My Kind of Spirituality

Go Ahead and Look Back

People like to say that you should never look back. They like to recite catchy little lines like don’t look back, you’re not going that way, or keep your eyes on the road ahead, not behind you – but the truth is rarely so simple as to fit in a convenient little one-liner, and these … Continue reading Go Ahead and Look Back

In Thanks

Thank you to the sun, for rising each morning without fail or applause. Thank you for every kiss that you laid upon my upturned face (your touch always did make me blush), and thank you for coaxing the flowers up from their cozy beds. Thank you for peeking out long enough to lift my spirits … Continue reading In Thanks

The Road Behind Me

There will always be farther to go; but I’m proud of just how far I’ve already come.  I’ve stripped away layer after excruciating layer of who I thought I was, what I thought I knew, and what I wanted to believe.  I’ve cleared away the rubble and put out the flames, and discovered my soul … Continue reading The Road Behind Me

Through Their Eyes

In this life, my dear, you are going to meet some people who don’t accept you for who you are.  Some may try to change or fix you.  Others might judge and criticize you. Some people will accept you only until you hit a rough patch, until you make a mistake or struggle with a … Continue reading Through Their Eyes

And So it Is

In the light of the sun, may we loop the final stitch in all that’s been shorn unduly apart; and by the soft glow of the moon let us smooth out what remains of all our old scars. When we feel the slight itch of a past pain, let us casually brush it away – … Continue reading And So it Is

The Secrets of the Deep

We are like waves rising up from the same great sea, you and I.  We gaze across the surface at one another and we see separate beings, but if we looked just a little bit deeper, we’d see that we’re intertwined – flowing with, merging into, and playing with one another.  We would see that, … Continue reading The Secrets of the Deep

The Spirit of the Forest

The spirit of the forest speaks in her own special language – a language that the natural world is fluent in, but that many humans seem to have forgotten.  In this unique tongue, she whispers a secret that’s so powerful it guides all the creatures of the earth as they turn along the great cycle … Continue reading The Spirit of the Forest

War Cry

This is our war cry!  May it echo across countless years.  May it rumble through forests and course through cities, reverberate across valleys and sing off mountain peaks. Let our roars be heard by the birds of the sky and the fish of the seas; may they tremble through oceans and kick up their own … Continue reading War Cry

The Solution

The solution to all that ails the world today has always been love.  The solution is love, because only through the eyes of love can we see the beauty latent in ugliness and only by the fires of love can we offer warmth in the coldness.  The solution is love because only in love are … Continue reading The Solution