There Came a Time

There came a time when I needed a mother, when that’s what I wanted most and yet I couldn’t have. There came a time when I needed comfort and care, so I started by admitting that I felt abandoned. There came a time when I needed support, so I started by confessing that I felt … Continue reading There Came a Time

This is Yours

All this beauty is yours. All of these stars shine and all of these flowers bloom for you. The misty mountains were carved out with your pleasure in mind, and the sparkles of afternoon sun on the water are to favor your eyes. The peacocks blazon, the wolves howl, and skies blush for you; and … Continue reading This is Yours

The Tempest

A roll of thunder explodes from inside of her chest as the tempest stirs, awakens, and begins to rise. With the impending threat of a storm, a curtain of velvet drops over the world and, one by one, heavy drops drip from her slowly darkening eyes. At first heavy and hot, then cold and sharp, … Continue reading The Tempest

One of Those Days

In that moment, she decided that never again would she wake up a slave to the remnants of days before. From then on, she would start her days with the simplest of affirmations. Each morning, she would close her eyes, take a deep breath, and feel her way to the complete conviction that today is … Continue reading One of Those Days

It Doesn’t Matter

The truth is that very little of it really matters. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it’s labeled a failure or success. It doesn’t matter if they turned out to be trustworthy or they burned you the minute your back was turned. It doesn’t even matter what you managed to hold on to versus … Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter

Listen and Answer in Kind

Immigrant is just another word for person. Illegal immigrants are just people too. People who are trying to find peace, who are trying to escape danger, who are hoping to find equal opportunity. People who had to circumvent the system, but who nonetheless have reasons for everything that they do. Reasons that aren’t all that … Continue reading Listen and Answer in Kind

It’s Time to Rise

It is time. It’s time to rise. It’s time to step up, to step out, to step into our truth, our power, our missions, our might. Now is the time to offer support, protection, and encouragement. Now, as the world is awakening and so many people are shaking off the last remnants of sleep. Now … Continue reading It’s Time to Rise

Stand in Your Fullness

So now here I am, clothed in my womanhood, standing in my power. Here I am, stronger than I ever would have imagined I could be, more free than I ever thought possible, living with more purpose than I ever dreamt I’d find. So now here I am, looking back at the girl I once … Continue reading Stand in Your Fullness

A New Earth

…and then, one by one, they started to remember. They remembered the truth. They remembered that everything they saw, everything they touched, everything they are is love. They looked at one another and saw precious gems of divine love, enclosed in pristine physical displays. They regarded every creature, felt every breeze, knew every sunray as … Continue reading A New Earth

Endless Shades

Sometimes it can almost feel as if I am too much, like there is far more inside than one life could possibly contain. Sometimes it’s like I’m pulling apart at the seams and these inner galaxies are pushing against the walls of my chest, looking for ways to come pouring out.  Sometimes it can catch … Continue reading Endless Shades