Love Yourself

Love yourself, if it’s all you start out to do. Love yourself so much that you start to understand that there’s nothing you need to prove. Love yourself until, rather than being your own worst enemy, you become your own best friend. Let go of the judgments, if only a little bit at a time, … Continue reading Love Yourself

Tired of Pretending

I’m tired of living in a way that denies the truth of my soul. I’m tired of closed relationships that imply that love is possessive and conditional. I’m tired of jobs at companies whose sole purpose is making money – and I’m tired of pretending that money should have any place whatsoever in an evolved … Continue reading Tired of Pretending

More than a Promise

I can’t offer you a promise, and I can’t offer you direction – but this doesn’t mean that I am lost. It just means that everything changes, and that includes you and I. It means that, to promise anything, or to draw any kind of path, is to step outside of truth. It is to … Continue reading More than a Promise

A World of Love

Let’s dream of a world of love, and imagine how such a world might seem. Just picture a world painted with the exotic colors of souls who don’t wonder if they’re really good enough, and graced by the movements of those comfortable in their own skin – a world where just existing was reason enough … Continue reading A World of Love

The Schoolhouse of Life

Life is like an ardent teacher – the kind that cares enough to be strict when it’s necessary and to push you as hard as it takes to help you learn, the kind that you either love or hate, depending more on what kind of student you are than on her teaching methods. The kind … Continue reading The Schoolhouse of Life

It Takes Time

I’ve finally learned what it means to love the clouds and the storms as much as the sunshine – and it hasn’t been as easy as that simple sentence makes it sound. Love isn’t easy, until it is. It takes work, until it doesn’t. This is something that takes time to understand. It took me … Continue reading It Takes Time

I See You

In the first rays of sunlight that filter through my window, I see you shining down on me. In the starless midnight skies, I hear you teaching me. With each new breath, I feel you entering my very flesh and purifying my soul. And with each new meeting, you show me again what it is … Continue reading I See You

Not Everyone Has to Like it

Here’s the thing about spiritual awakening and personal development – not everyone is going to like it. Not everyone is going to understand. Not everyone is going to accept, approve, or even believe the new you that begins to emerge as the last masks fall off and you strip that cloak of fear away. This … Continue reading Not Everyone Has to Like it

Earth Angel

Oh how I long to be among your earth angels; teach me what I need to know. Strip me of all that’s selfish, all that’s dense, free me from any lies. I ask that you hear me now, as my soul is crying out. Speak to me and teach me. I’m calling all angels, teachers, … Continue reading Earth Angel

What an Introvert Knows

Some people are never alone in the quiet libraries of their minds and the open meadows of their hearts; while other people are lonely despite being overtly adored and surrounded by family and friends. Some people embrace vulnerability while sitting in dusty bookstores, or wandering alone through the trees; while others hide in plain sight, … Continue reading What an Introvert Knows

It Does Matter

Words are so much more than mere symbols, and they’re so much stronger than the simplicity of speaking suggests. Words are sacred vessels that carry the soul of whomever speaks them; they’re precious ewers that hold energy, feeling, and intent. A collection of words is like a pantheon of gods – each one ethereal, immortal, … Continue reading It Does Matter

Goddess Rebellion

I am a living rebellion. My very existence is a protest. My truth and my life is a provocation, a challenge to these lies that we’re all being fed. I refuse to allow these deceptions to define me. They cannot, for I denounce them with every breath I take. I mock them with every step … Continue reading Goddess Rebellion