Authentic Giving

  Perhaps the greatest gift you could ever give to the world is the gift of your authentic self. When you give of your true, unfiltered nature, you pierce the barrier that separates us – and through this piercing, energy begins to flow freely and unchanged.  Your soul leaks out into your work, where it then tantalizes … Continue reading Authentic Giving

Beyond the Veil

  I invite you to come with me as I venture beyond the veil. Together we can tear through the gauzy mirage that separates us from one another and from God. Perhaps at first our steps will be tentative, as we get our first glimpses of naked reality, with all of its pretenses and illusions … Continue reading Beyond the Veil

In Defense of Words

  Whoever said that actions speak louder than words must never have become lost, drifting on the current of a captivating book. I imagine that they have never had to re-structure themselves after melting into formlessness from the heat of a poem’s fire. They must not know what it is to bleed ink upon a piece … Continue reading In Defense of Words

The Final Breath

New Year’s eve is upon us.  In many ways, it’s a day like any other.  It is another stitch in the fabric of our lives.  What makes today so significant isn’t that number on the calendar.  It’s the way that it makes us stop and think, the way it reminds us to look up from … Continue reading The Final Breath

Sometimes it Hurts

The thing about spiritual awakening is that sometimes it hurts. We talk a lot about the way that everything gets a little brighter and how the world transforms before your eyes.  We relish describing how there’s this bottomless well of love hidden right inside your own chest and the way that your relationships – with … Continue reading Sometimes it Hurts

The Lonely Light Bringer

A firefly is most striking in darkness.  While the rest of the world rests in shadows, she threatens their slumber as she passes by carrying her little lantern with her. Though the light bringers of the night are some of our most precious resources, they are often the subjects of the saddest stories.  Unbeknownst to … Continue reading The Lonely Light Bringer

What are Chakras?

I am pleased to share the following post written by Spiritual Healer and Author Joseph Drumheller.  A link to Joseph’s site and little more information can be found at the end of this post.   A friend of mine, who vaguely knew I was interested in spirituality, tried to connect by striking up a conversation. … Continue reading What are Chakras?

The Sound of the Soul

Sometimes it seems like those who sing the most beautiful songs are the ones who had to fight the hardest to find their voice.   Perhaps that’s why their songs are so hauntingly beautiful; they are filled not only with the love of now but also the tortured longing of yesterday.  There are layers to their … Continue reading The Sound of the Soul