Swim Through the Pain

I didn’t find my way back with grace but with grit – one day, one second, one fear, one tear, one storm at a time. I stumbled along, dragging the tattered scraps of dreams behind me – pleading, bleeding, and breathing in rhyme. At times it seemed the world was being washed away in a … Continue reading Swim Through the Pain

One Year of the Elements

One year of the elements – introduced and induced, one by one. Three hundred sixty-five lessons, beneath three hundred and sixty-five suns. The wind was the first among them to rise, to beckon, whispering my name, as a herald, a signal, a caution, a sign, that nothing would ever be the same. Next to call … Continue reading One Year of the Elements

War Cry

This is our war cry!  May it echo across countless years.  May it rumble through forests and course through cities, reverberate across valleys and sing off mountain peaks. Let our roars be heard by the birds of the sky and the fish of the seas; may they tremble through oceans and kick up their own … Continue reading War Cry