Lightbearer Becoming

Each and every one of us is a spark from the same Divine flame, flickering for a moment across time and space before we return to the Source once again.  We are all light-bearers by nature; we carry the flame of truth and the light of the Divine within the very essence of our being.

Though we can’t escape the truth of what we are, we can deny, hide, and distort it  – and it’s this distortion that creates our individual experience of darkness and leads us to believe that we must seek the light outside of ourselves.

This denial and distortion is something we do because we believe we’re supposed to.  We’re trained by institutions and continual social conditioning to mold ourselves until we fit into boxes that can be easily labeled and sorted – and within these boxes our true freedom, power, beauty, goodness, and general lightness of being is hidden from ourselves as much as it is from others.

Learning how to be a light-bearer is about learning how to uncover what has been hidden; it’s about revealing the light, the love, the truth, peace, and joy where they already are – beating within our chests, glimmering in our eyes, and spontaneously erupting from within our souls.  It’s about dropping the shroud of fear, stripping off the layers of denial, and unweaving the threads of untruths until our naked spirits shine with the luminescence of stars.

There is nothing that any of us must saydo, or be in order to reflect the light of God, because we can’t become what we already are – but the clearer we are in heart, mind, and soul, the brighter that reflection will be.  Sometimes, we have to clear away the buildup left behind by our fears, misunderstandings, our pains, and our pursuits before that inner light can be seen.  And sometimes this requires the use of some specialized tools.

That’s what all of the articles on this page are all about – they are each devoted to explaining what some of those specialized spiritual tools are and how to use them to chisel away at all of that inner buildup so you might reveal your inner light and reflect it outwards with the brightest intensity possible.

Welcome to the first steps of a Lightbearer Becoming.


Intuition is like the north star of the human soul – an ever-present inner guide that helps us navigate the different landscapes of life. It’s that impossible inner knowing, that soft spiritual nudge, telling you to go this way, read that book, speak to these people, or follow that road.  It’s a feeling that sits in your gut like a well portioned homemade meal – complete, comforting, and so nourishing that you can almost feel the nutrients breaking down and getting sent off to various organs and tissues in your body. You know it’s right and that somehow it’s working in your favor, even if you’re not sure how or to what end…MORE



In meditation, we cultivate inner silence until we reveal within us a symphony of subtler sounds – the soft sound of our whispering spirit, the quiet hum of our heart’s healing power, and the sacred song of our communion with the Divine. Masked within their melody is the secret to endless love, peace, and personal bliss; and it waits only for us to quiet the roar of our minds and emotions long enough that we might hear it….MORE


Breathing Exercises

Just breathe. How many times have we heard that short statement said aloud or rehearsed it in our heads before a particularly taxing, frightening, or exciting experience?  Just breathe. These two tiny words work almost like a charm to comfort and calm us because they call upon a very special kind of magic, magic that’s latent within our every breath…MORE



Affirmations are short, powerful declarations of intent. These declarations serve as a kind of verbal mirror, reflecting back to us the potential that we cannot yet see within ourselves. By acknowledging that hidden potential, we break the bindings of doubt, insecurity, and fear that so often run interference behind the scenes, and free ourselves to begin manifesting our true desires….MORE


Forest Bathing

The natural world is full of spiritual symbolism. When we have the ears to hear, it whispers the truths that we have forgotten. When we have eyes to see, it illuminates the purpose that we have neglected. Within the natural world, as within all things, there is a spark. This spark is the essence of the Divine; and when we know how to look, this spark can guide us back to the light of awareness…MORE