I always keep my heart, mind, and eyes wide open. I have the courage to feel, the strength to be, and the flexibility to see all that is real, true, and sincere.



I’m like a leaf in the rain – always open and ready to receive whatever inspiration the heavens see fit to pour upon me. I allow it to trickle across my soul, seep into my heart, and cleanse my mind; and then I send that inspiration back out from whence it came so that others might drink as I did.



I am resilient as the ancient trees. I am flexible enough to allow the winds of change to move me; and I’m rooted deeply enough to remain strong even when the storms grow severe.



I am comforted here, in the cradle of my mother earth. I am safe here, in the sight of the creator.  I am eternal and I am loved here, swimming in the endless sea of all that ever was and all that ever will be.



I can adjust my sails according to the winds that are blowing without changing my direction. Like the waters I sail upon, my strength lies in my ability to have purpose while remaining pliant.



I drink inspiration from this world like nectar from a flower. Even as I admire its bright outer petals, I am enthralled by the exquisite splendor of what hides deeper within.



Just as a flower drinks of both sun and soil, I drink of both heaven and earth. I bask in the light yet remain firmly rooted – the blooms of my labor as easy and bright as a child’s laughter.



Like the sun that brightens my sky, I too am an endless source of warmth and light. I share my golden glow with all who I encounter, burning brightly each day and being reborn completely new each morning.



May my life’s work be like a wind that stirs up love in every heart and breathes life into every hope that it brushes past.



My will is a strong and steady river. Through consistency and flexibility, it has the power to cut through even the tallest of mountains.



There is within me a bottomless well of love, hope, joy, and inspiration from which I drink deeply and fully each day. Thus, my creativity and contentment are contagious.


I am grateful
for the earth
beneath my feet.
I am mindful
of how I create
and what I seek.
I am confident;
standing strong
I lift the weak.
I am love;
I freely give
and also receive.
I am honest –
in my expression
I also teach.
I am wise,
so I listen
when spirit speaks.
I am connected
and remember
that this is a dream.
I am one;
I trust what
mind cannot see.